Video Production Services:

Equipment: Panasonic ADVX100 Mini DV Camera
                   Sony HD Hard Drive
                   Audio Technical Shotgun and Condenser Microphones
                   Final Cut Pro editing suit

Our goal for Cameo Productions is to design and produce high quality video specific to your goals and preferred demographics. With 45 years combined experience in the various entertainment trade markets and the dynamically creative minds of our videographers, The Cameo Group is a one-stop for concept development, showcase videos, web videos, or live production coverage. Whether you need promotional video services or are looking to make short films or documentaries, the Cameo Group will provide both exemplary service and quality. Combined with our unbeatable pricing and connections in many facets of entertainment such as web development, marketing, social media penetration and ownership of and complete access to two trade magazines (Campus Activities Magazine and American Entertainment Magazine), The Cameo Group is your all around key to success.

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